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Are You Ready To Step Up To The Big Leagues?

Because of the immense popularity of the first Muay Thai Home Study DVD course, we decided to do an entirely new course and we loaded it with more advanced content that builds on the first set. This way we can help people like you really boost your striking skills to a more experienced level. This all-new advanced series of The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course builds upon the original course with brand new and helpful material.

This New Muay Thai Home Study Course Contains All Brand New Material Covering Critical Areas of Training

Picking up where the first course left off, we build on this foundation. This course assumes you already know how to kick, punch, hold pads, and things of that sort. What you will learn in this course is how more advanced Muay Thai experts put that knowledge to use. Different drills on the pads, different combinations, sparring drills, how to fake out your opponent to set up your favorite technique, and stuff like that.

The techniques in The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course: Advanced Training are presented in a way that makes them as SIMPLE and as EASY TO LEARN as possible.

Here is a detailed list of what this advanced course contains:

The punch mitts are critical for educating the upper body's offensive & defensive skills."

To be an effective fighter, you need to be smooth in your punching, moving seamlessly back-and-forth from offense to defense with ease and finesse.Nothing else teaches this better for the hands than the mitts! A good mitt holder is hard to find, but very important for your training.If you are like most people, you need to "make your own" through proper training!

This DVD is a CRAM SESSION of how to "feed" the mitts correctly, get the most out of your training,and accelerate your skills to an exceptional level.

Topics covered on this DVD include:

  • Rockback with Counters: How to fire a killer punch from a defensive motion. The rockback is a very useful maneuver and when combined with offensive moves becomes an important aid.

  • Double Jab with Counters: A technique to help you flow well off of your jab. The ability to have a set of viable options that flow off of your jab is something that every fighter needs.

  • Right Hand: Covering Your Bases: If you don't know what openings occur when you throw a right hand, you won't know what to look out for and how to coach your partner. Learn the key "base areas" that need to be covered when throwing the right!

  • Left Jab: Covering Your Bases: This drill will teacy you how to stay aware of the weaknesses and openings that occur when you throw a jab. This is important because you need to know where your openings are to better protect yourself!

  • Jab Sled: Perhaps the absolute best drill to develop a strong "impaling" sort of jab that really snaps your opponent's head back. Get yourself a good "power jab" as taught here to make your opponenet worry about your lead hand as well as your rear hand!!

  • Neck Strengthening Drills: A great fighter can't have a "pencil neck"!. A strong neck reduces the concussion of your brain when you are hit and increases your ability to "take a good shot". This drill will show you how to train punching while working on your "pit bull" neck at the same time!

  • Freestyle Mitts: The ultimate in mitt training is "freestyle mitts". This section will give you step-by-step instruction on how to hold and "feed" the mitts properly so that you can maximize your partner's fighting skill. Only by learning this drill will your offensive and defensive skills with your hands and head movement "come alive" and flow like a good fighter should.

"If you're not training with the Thai pads properly, you're not training Muay Thai."

Using the Thai pads is the foundation and "bread and butter" of all Muay Thai training. By training the fighter's technique, defense, movement, and conditioning all in one session, one can maximize their training time by squeezing every bit of benefit out of it.

But if you do not know how to train with the pads, if your holder does not know how to "feed" them, then this awesome training outlet is not going to work for you.

Take the "guesswork" out of Thai pad training with this video.

Topics covered on this DVD include:

  • Hand Check Drill: If you don't position your hands properly when kicking, its just a matter of time until you get nailed. This important drill is great for training you to maintain proper hand placement for kicking.

  • "Climb the Ladder": This conditioning drill will flat out put you on your butt! Arguably the best exercise for developing a killer Thai kick. Can you "climb the ladder" 3 times in a three minute round?

  • The Power Low Kick: BOOM!! Learn the kick that has been known to BREAK FEMURS(the largest bone in the human body)! THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL WAY TO THROW THE THAI KICK!!

  • Shielding Drill: Shielding is the primary defense against kicks. Learn it correctly and well. Even better, counter right off of your shield. That's what this drill teaches you to do.

  • Right Side: Put some time on on learning how to deliver this slick "power shot" combination – we think you'll appreciate it.

  • "Run and Gun" Series: This series of drills will help you become a better counterstriker. Learn to move away from your opponent and then blast him with these viscious counters.

  • Defend the Legs: If you neglect your legs, you are bound to be "chopped down" by a good leg kicker. This drill will teach you how to not let that happen.

  • Stopping the "Bum Rush": When an opponent rushes in, its usually not a good idea to stand there and meet 'em "head on". These drills will show you how to correctly deal with this situation.

  • Mess 'Em Up: A great drill for fighting effectively when close to your opponent. Rattle 'em up and finish with an in tight head kick.

  • "Pressure Cooker":The name says it all. This Thai pad drill will wear out your entire body as you deal with a constant frontal assault!

  • Freestyle Pads: The ultimate in Thai pad training is "freestyle pads". This section will give you step-by-step instruction and plenty of examples on how to hold and "feed" the pads properly so that you can maximize your partner's fighting skill.

"Anyone serious about improving their fighting ability should increase their pool of technique options ."

Having a list of practiced, well-trained moves that you can execute smoothly, quickly and with precision makes you a very dangerous individual.

This DVD is designed to teach you certain tactics, strategies and combinations that have proven to be effective in real fighting situations.

The goal here is to increase your technical knowledge while at the same time encourage you to execute those moves naturally and with fluidity – so that they just "come out" without thinking about them.

Topics covered on this DVD include:

  • "Bust His Melon": A dangerous move that can really floor your opponent! The knee to the head is perhaps one of the most devastating moves in fighting. Here's a way to set one up!

  • "The Bodysnatcher": A technique that can really bend a guy over gasping for air. Body shots like this can hurt more than being hit in the head!

  • Fade Back and Charge: A nice way to evade an opponent's kick and counter!

  • "Shield and Wrap": Most people don't think of using this sweet clinching maneuver – use it to your advantage!

  • Shielding Drill: A drill to help you protect yourself from kicks. Shield correctly so that you can keep you head, body, and leg safe from your opponent's kick

  • Lean Back Drill: Repetition is the mother of learning! Avoiding a high level kick attack correctly should be second nature, so here is another drill to help you protect yourself from those kicks.

  • Hand Pull Move: A surprise attack that most people don't expect – the "hand pull" is an uncommon way to land some good stuff. Learn it and incorporate it into your fighter's toolbox!

  • Hostile Push Kick Response: Why just to block passively when you could hit your opponent? This is a neat way to deal with an opponent's push kick and hit him almost simultaneously!

  • Gutbuster: The name says it all – knock the wind out of 'em with this "old school" boxing move.

  • Catch and Run: Need to punish a guy for trying to kick you? Run him off balance and blast him with this move!

  • Ribs or Liver?: What are you in the mood for? Pick your favorite dish! Wherever you decide to hit your opponent with this move, you're likely to crumple him over!

  • "Legwhacker": Chop their legs our from underneath them. This technique shows you how to look for the possibility of attacking both of his legs too.

  • "Funky Kick": We've never seen this taught anywhere except from one old seasoned Muay Thai coach. Here's how to use an unusal angle on throwing the Thai kick designed to catch your opponent by surprise!

  • Knee to Head Defenses: Hey, you never know when someone just wants to knee your face! Make these defensive options automatic by "ingraining" them into your subconscious so that they "reflexively" come out when needed

  • The Thai Battering Ram: Sometimes its difficult to "come in" on a guy without getting hit. Here's a way to crash in safely, unbalance him, and attack!

  • "Forearm Bar Trick": Stuck in a tight clinch and can't land a good knee? This cool tip will show you how to use a special grip so that you can land that solid knee shot!

  • Clinch Counter Flow: It's one thing to know how to counter the clinch, but another to be able to execute the move without thinking, and that's what drills like this are all about.

  • Zone Off and Blast: Advanced fighters have to learn how to use angles instead of attacking "head on" all the time. Here is a good example of how to use an angle to counter your opponent's attack.

  • "Neckbreaker": Save this move for only serious situations. Check the legalities in your area first!

"A fighter has to be a good liar and hide his true intentions. If you don't know how to do this, you're stuck in predictability."

Fakes and setups can separate the men from the boys. A good fake can mean the difference between a technique that lands and ends the fight vs. a technique that is completely worthless.

Mastering even just a few pet fakes can make drastic differences in the effectiveness of your striking.

With a good set of fakes under your belt, you can keep your opponent on edge, confused, and wondering how the heck you hit him!

Topics covered on this DVD include:

  • "Flicky Step": Psyche out your next opponent with this move that sets up a devastating right!

  • High Fake and Gut Shot: Many a fight has ended with one just gut shot – here's how to set up yours.

  • Quick Switch Fake: Watch out for this kick? Surprise! Say hello to my right hand! The good ol' right hand is and always will be one of the best fight stoppers. Here is another way to land it!

  • "Headripper": Increase your successful head kick percentages with this one – one of Scott's personal favorites! This is a great way to land the coolest move in fighting – the knockout head kick!!

  • "Sneaky Teep": A sweet way to punish your next opponent with a push kick. Rarely seen, this is a very cool way to confuse your opponent and land an unexpected push kick that has been known to drop a guy!

  • Switch with Right Hook: Give 'em a cannonball right hand coming out of nowhere! This move is designed to divert your opponent's attention to one area while you totally clobber him in a different and unexpected area.

  • Low Fake and Hook: A high percentage way to set up your left hook. This "old school" move has proved useful time and time again.

  • "Superman Punch": Superman punches are exciting moves. Learn how to properly execute this flashy move and the best time to use it.

  • Setting up the Overhand: Many a man has fallen victim to a wicked overhand. Here's how to set up your own overhand that lands with devastation.

  • Draw the Slap: "Drawing" is a way to get your opponent to move his hands out of the way so you can hit him. Here we teach you to open up his head for nice left hook to the jaw.

  • Southpaw Fake: Oh, you fight orthodox – wait southpaw?? WHAM! That's what your opponent should think when you whip this fake out on him.

  • Cut the Support Leg: How to set up an unorthodox leg kick. Most people won't expect this sort of leg kick because it comes at such an unusual time and at an unusual angle!

  • "Tricky Hand": "Tricky hand" is a theory to get your opponent set up for many different attacks, but primary focus is placed on the right hand and left hook.

  • "Chicken Step": Put your opponent on edge with this one – then counter! This fake was inspired by watching certain Dutch fighters in action.

"Sparring is the essential area where you get away from theory and learn how to apply your moves for real."

This is the honest, no B.S. truth: if you don't spar you'll never be able to fight. Sparring is where you learn how to apply all the things you have practiced on the pads and with a partner.


But to get the most out of your sparring you need to know how to go about it. You need to know about the three important areas of sparring so that you can maximize your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and most of all – avoid injury.

We will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to know to spar safely and get the absolute most out of it.

Topics covered on this DVD include:

  • Types of Sparring in Muay Thai: Learn the three main areas of sparring in Muay Thai and why they are important. Armed with this knowledge you will not only be "better rounded" but also able to hone in and fix any particular weaknesses in your ability.

  • Low Kick Development: Without a doubt, this drill is the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY TO DEVELOP EFFECTIVE LOW KICKING SKILLS and is an absolute must to anyone interested in becoming an effective Muay Thai fighter.

  • Jab Tag: This is the unparalleled way to develop a "head snapping" jab that constantly threatens. Many hours with this drill will pay you big dividends in your fighting skill!

  • Low Kicking the Boxer: Another critical drill to developing effective low kicking skills. Kicking the leg is an EXCELLENT response to a punching attacker. But the skill needs to be developed and this is how you do it.

  • Body Shots: Often underestimated, a good body shot is a wicked weapon to have in your arsenal. Rediscover the lost art of "body punching" by getting good at this drill!

  • Elbow the Boxer: Although often overlooked, elbows are fantastic weapons. This drill will show you how to incorporate them into sparring so that they just "naturally" come out in your fighting.

  • Knee the Boxer: The clinch and knee is a good response to a puncher and this drill will help you with just that. Enough work with this drill will well-prepare you to face that "boxer" style of opponent.

  • "Thai Sparring": The MOST common form of sparring we do. Thai sparring has numerous benefits and should be done all the time. Learn how to incorporate this type of sparring into your training.

  • Harder Training: This type of training is for more of the "hard core" types who want to either go on to competition or just boost their training for self defense situations. Learn the proper method for doing harder sparring without injuring your training partners in the process.

  • Bangin': To be the best fighter you can be, you need to develop your mind as well as your body. This is the best drill we know of that gives the student that "fighter's mind", "eye of the tiger", "killer instinct" or whatever you want to call it. Following the specific instructions of this drill will make a fighter out of you in the quickest amount of time.

"A good low kick is one of those 'must have' tools you need in your arsenal."

We think that having a swift, hard, and well timed low kick (aka "leg kick") is an AWESOME weapon to have in your arsenal.

In this special topic DVD, Scott Sullivan will show you some of his favorite leg kicking strategies and techniques.

You may never actually have a low kick that is always "unstoppable", but sometimes goals are a great thing to aim for – even if you never attain them!

Topics covered on this DVD include:

  • Punch Countering Drill:A VERY IMPORTANT drill for the low kick specialist. He tries to punch you and you counter and kick his leg. After a few of those and your opponent will lose confidence in his punching! Ouch!

  • Low Teep Combo: We first learned about this move from a friend who saw it effectively executed by an unknown but really good Muay Thai fighter from Laos. So here it is in all its glory! Unorthodox but effective!

  • Cut Kick Drill: It is very unnerving to have your support leg knocked out from underneath you by a kick – and that's what this drill teaches you to do to your opponents!

  • Echo Coordination Drills: A good sense of timing and distance are critical for having a good low kick. These drills will help you develop both.

  • Leg Blaster Drills: Some will say that this is an unusual way to hold the pads, and they would be right – but we think this is a GREAT WAY to learn how to employ and develop leg kicking skills at an attacking opponent.

  • Lead & Rear Leg Burnouts: Need a lightning fast low kick? This is the drill!! We're not gonna lie to you, this drill SUCKS. It's one of those things that you hate doing but is still very good for your development. Have fun!

  • "Thai Suitcase" Drills: The "Thai Suitcase" is the best apparatus for devloping your low kick because it allows you to kick an "alive" target with full power. Learn some drills that will help you take advantage of this important tool.

  • Sweet Spots: Crucial information we've never seen anywhere else.Learn the best area on your shin to kick your opponent with AND the best and MOST PAINFUL area on his thigh to attack. As you will see, even "light" kicks hurt when you aim your kick with these "sweet spots" in mind!!

Get the Stuff You Need to Blast Your Fighting Skills to the Advanced Level!

Education is crucial in our age. The person who gets ahead today, is the person who invests time and money into their education. This is every bit as true in the fighting arts. If you want to be better than the next guy, you have to train more and be better educated than the next guy.

Invest in your martial arts education. We have designed this course for you to be able to follow along at home – without any professional assistance! Just you and this DVD, learning the art of Muay Thai, and having an absolute blast learning and practicing one of the finest martial arts in the world, making it a part of you… something that nobody can take away.

Training in this course could be your only ticket to tap into the fantastic fitness level, confidence, power, security and respect that comes from practicing the fantastic martial art of Muay Thai - the martial art that is widely recognized as one of the best fighting systems around.

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The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course is the creation of Kru Scott "Bam Bam" Sullivan, former heavyweight kickboxing and shootboxing champion, and owner and chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts Center in Houston, TX.

Scott has been training in Muay Thai since 1986, and has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share with you. Here is yet another chance to harvest all of the information Scott has acquired!

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